Field Trip to the Texas Teen Book Festival 2016

Greetings fellow Book Dragons!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Texas Teen Book Festival!  We packed up the whole family and headed downtown to St. Edward’s University.  I wish I could say that I met all the authors during book signings and listened to the amazing panels, but unfortunately, with little ones that just wasn’t possible this year.

Not five minutes into it and Precious #1 is complaining about something in his shoe!

The main reason I even wanted to go was to meet the fabulous team behind Owlcrate, the monthly young adult subscription box that I can’t stop raving about!  I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and absolutely love the items and value I receive, especially as a family on a budget.  They set up a table as you entered the vendor area where you got to spin a wheel for a free item.  They also gave you a free tote bag and had lots of stickers and buttons for the choosing.  I was blown away by their swag!  Later in the event, they even tweeted out a secret word that you could use to get a free box!  They really appreciate their subscribers and we love them for all the joy they bring to the book community!

Me and Korrina, owner and founder, while Precious #2 says, “Hey, don’t forget about me!”

Because time was just not on my side, I picked up signed editions of Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes and The Reader by Traci Chee.  I’ve heard great things about both of these books and look forward to reading them and providing reviews later on.  Representatives from various publishers were also available, so I picked up a free sampler of Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland, which comes out October 4, 2016.  Described as John Green meets Rainbow Rowell, it’s about the bittersweet bliss of first love.  I love those authors, so we’ll see if the hype lives up to the story.

All the swag!

Then while looking at all the books for sale, hubby disappeared for a while.  I figured he took Maddox to the bathroom or they went walking around, but he soon returned with three wooden plates with our initials on them for an early birthday present!

This picture doesn’t even begin to do them justice, but you can check out the company, Pigsey Art, and all their products.  We couldn’t believe they actually had a “Z,” which is pretty “inconceivable” when you are looking for decor!  Hubby said it was the only one and he grabbed it for the win!

So that was our fast and furious fun-filled venture to the Texas Teen Book Festival!  Maybe next year, I can check out the actual events, but it was great just getting out and about for a little while with the whole family.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

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