Borrowathon Readathon!

Greetings Friends!

I recently came across a new readathon that will happening March 19 – March 26 called Borrowathon, which encourages you to read books from borrowed sources such as your local library, your friends and/or family, or anywhere else you can borrow books.  I would also encourage you to check out Little Free Library and search their map to see if there are any in your neighborhood!  You can also check out Books and Lala for more information.  You can also follow along on Twitter for reading sprints and other fun things going on during that week.

The idea of this readathon speaks volumes to me because as many of you know I worked as a librarian before deciding to stay home with my children.  We frequent several local libraries multiple times a week and try to actively participate in programs as much as we can.  Libraries are an integral part of any community and serve so many more functions and roles aside from providing books, so I hope that if you’ve never taken the time to visit your local library, you will use this week as an opportunity to stop in and check out what’s really going on…pun intended!

There are also a few challenges associated with the readathon that you can keep in mind when selecting your books and those include:

  • a book that you’d like to purchase
  • a graphic novel
  • an author you’ve never read
  • a book that’s been recommended
  • a book that’s cover is your favorite color
  • a book that features a library
Feel free to combine challenges using one book to meet more targets!
I wanted to share this with you all to give ample time for planning and gathering, as I know we all lead hectic lives!  I plan on having a TBR to share sometime next week, as I need to actually get over to the library, and with two little boys anxiously wanting to get to the children’s section, the books I select may come down to what I can hurriedly through into my book bag!
I hope that you will join me in Borrowathon!  Let me know in the comments if you plan to participate and what books you’d like to get read!


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