BOOK REVIEW: The Sloppy Okapi by Keith Bosco (Children’s)

Greetings Friends!

Today I have a REVIEW of the children’s book THE SLOPPY OKAPI by Keith Bosco and illustrated by Taylor Patterson.


Charlie is a young okapi who wants to be a detective, but his one big flaw causes a big, big problem…….. he’s a very sloppy okapi!
Join Charlie as he learns the importance of being neat while discovering that his weakness doesn’t determine his destiny.
You can order your copy from Yellow Light Publishing HERE.


Genre:  Children’s
Publication Date:  January 2018


I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

This is a gorgeously illustrated story with a fantastic and meaningful message for children that they can truly understand! If it feels like your kids are constantly misplacing their things and coming to you for help finding them, you’re not alone! THE SLOPPY OKAPI is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of tidiness and how that value shows respect and care for beloved personal items.  Additionally, by seeing Charlie’s struggles, readers begin to realize that it is our efforts towards improvement that define who we are and not our individual faults and weaknesses.

I couldn’t begin talking about the beautiful artwork from this book without sharing a few of my favorites!

The illustrations throughout the story are simply stunning and bring fresh and inviting perspectives that work to further pull readers into Charlie’s world. There is a certain dream-like quality to them that captures both the magic and nostalgia of childhood that will definitely captivate both young and older readers alike!

I was and still am a huge fan of children’s detective stories, and this was such an incredibly adorable way to introduce a character that I hope we’ll see more of! Now that Charlie has figured out where all of his tools are, I would love to see him out and about solving cases for his community or helping others to discover who they really are as well.


Keith Bosco is an author, musician, songwriter, husband and father of four.
Born and raised in the state of Delaware his creative nature was noticeable at a very young age. Through years of songwriting and performing Keith began to hone his knack for storytelling.
Before leaving his job to pursue his dream of publishing his own children’s illustrated book, Keith was the Assistant Director of a non-profit that helped individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain employment. Keith and his family packed up their home and have been traveling in an RV across the country to promote his book THE SLOPPY OKAPI, which is published through his own publishing company, Yellow Light Publishing.  
You can connect with him on:



Taylor Patterson grew up in the small state of Delaware. With a degree in Visual Communications from The University of Delaware, he landed a job at a graphic design firm in Los Angeles, CA in early 2015. He is currently a Lead Designer at  Conssol, LLC and a Designer at BLT Communications, LLC.

I hope that you’ll add this book your own library and help support self-published and independent authors and illustrators!

Many thanks to Keith, Taylor, and Yellow Light Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book! It was an absolute pleasure!


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