BOOK REVIEW: My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan (Contemporary Fiction)

My Husband’s Wives
Faith Hogan

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Aria
Date of Publication: June 2016
Number of Pages: 298

Is it better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved?
Paul Starr, Ireland’s leading cardiologist, has died in a car crash with a pregnant young woman by his side. A woman who is not his wife.
Evie, Grace, and Annalise never thought they’d meet, but now they have to uncover the truth of their pasts. And suddenly they find themselves united by a man they never really knew at all.
As these women begin to form unlikely friendships, they discover that Paul’s death could prove to be the catalyst they needed to become the people they always wanted to be…
A heart-warming story of love, loss, family, and friendship. A compelling debut for fans of Sheila O’Flannigan, Veronica Henry, and Jane Fallon.

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

In this beautiful and mesmerizing story, we are introduced to Paul and the three women he has been married to…all at the same time. While they are very much aware of each other, the idea that he was committing bigamy was never a thought or concern to them until they are confronted with this revelation following his sudden death. Now, they not only find themselves having to face each other for the first time, but also discovering the truth about the mysterious pregnant woman who was in the car with Paul when it crashed. 

These four women are connected in the most difficult of circumstances, and the author’s writing vividly and gracefully captures the essence of these various dynamics in an empathetic, engaging, and thought-provoking manner. This story ultimately becomes a richly drawn character study about vastly different women as they experience loss in its many forms to discover the faithful bonds of friendship that will guide them through the tangled web of lies that Paul has left behind. 

While I would have enjoyed getting a deeper glimpse into Paul’s motivations and the thought process behind living this way, I can fully appreciate why the story is told from his wives’ perspectives. In much the same way that they begin to fully recognize how little they knew about him, readers are left feeling that way as well and that’s the point. It’s even difficult to trust his wives’ reflections on their individual relationships with him as they are largely colored by his charm and attentiveness. Each of their stories is seamlessly woven into the narrative in such a captivating way as to shed light on both their past and present as they say goodbye to the man they loved and thought they knew. Their mutual grief blossoms into an endearing friendship that becomes stronger than any relationship they could have imagined, giving them the strength and confidence to band together with their newfound family. 

The compelling and admirable connection the women share is a testament to the author’s effortless storytelling, and I look forward to reading more! This book is a definite breath of positivity and a reminder in believing in the unexpected blessing.

Faith lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children, and two very fussy cats. She has an Hons Degree in English Literature and Psychology, has worked as a fashion model, and in the intellectual disability and mental health sector.

Many thanks to Aria and especially Faith Hogan. It was a pleasure hosting and providing a review! And be sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour for more opinions and author extras!


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