LSBBT BOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Captain Fin by Amanda M. Thrasher (Young Adult)


based on a screenplay by Kevin James O’Neill
Genre: Young Adult / Adventure / Family
Date of Publication: May 1, 2019
Number of Pages: 432

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Hannah Gunner, once a carefree child, is faced with secrets, lies, and betrayal. A life-changing event during her adolescent years forces her to confront a past that she no longer recognizes. Now, questioning everything she thought she knew, Hannah struggles with the person she is supposed to be! With the help of her boyfriend and her closest friend, they discover several clues that may hold the missing links to her life.

A tattered box filled with worn-out letters holds some of the answers that she needs, but not all of them. With an assist from her aunt, and a visitor from her past, Hannah manages to track down the only person in the world who can answer her questions—the Captain! But why did those closest to her lie in the first place? Will Hannah ever find the answers that she needs to bring her peace? Suspenseful, engaging, and with twists and turns that make it impossible to put down, this is a book filled with surprises.
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I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

Don’t let the idea that this is an adaptation of a screenplay create negative connotations. This is every much a work on its own and a beautifully rendered story for young adults that details the tragic side of unintended consequences. Every choice has ripples, and the author skillfully showcases this in a touching and thought-provoking manner.

Beginning at Hannah’s early childhood, we are introduced to a loving and extremely attentive family that quickly finds themselves surrounded by terrible misfortune. While adversity seems to follow the Gunner family, they also serve as shining beacons of hope. As Hannah grows into young adulthood, she holds on to her precious memories of Captain Fin, which ultimately stand in for all the moments she missed as a result of her father’s absence. Frequent moves with her mother that force her to frequently start over make it difficult for Hannah to build a connection with others in the way that she experienced with Captain Fin. With time, he becomes the only father she can recall. A final return move to her hometown leads to unexpected blessings in friendship and love. When she is confronted with the unthinkable truth, Hannah has now amassed a wealth of strength that she can now draw from and use to carry her through additional hardship. 
Written with teenagers in mind, the author captures Hannah’s teenage voice and character with absolute astuteness that makes her both relatable and realistic; however, this story will not be lost on an adult audience. In fact, it would serve to remind older readers what it was like to be a teen again, and in some cases, potentially opening up the path to communication with a youth that may have become obstructed somewhere along the way. None of us is ever to old to learn from someone else, and sometimes the best teachers are the youngest ones among us. This is a slow-burning saga filled with intensity,  drama, and angst, but every word matters, and paints the ultimate portrait of merriment even in the face of heartache.

The story also welcomes a handful of perspectives from characters surrounding Hannah’s life that adds layers to the storytelling, while also contributing to our sense of understanding. However, as is the case most often in life, not all questions are answered, and sometimes, that’s just the way it’s going to be. In this regard, the author deftly approaches the concept of finality in such a way that both older and younger readers can emotionally understand. An additional aspect of the writing that I enjoyed and felt works amazingly well for teen readers was the use of short poems at the opening of each chapter, which functioned as a novel in verse within a novel! What an extraordinary treat that not only set the tone, but put us inside the mind of that character, fleshing out their development even further. 

Overall, a stirring, yet whimsical story that is truly compelling!

Amanda M. Thrasher was born in England, moved to Texas, and resides there still. Amanda has authored picture books, middle-grade chapter books, early readers, young adult pieces, and a graphic novel written specifically for the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. Amanda is a multiple Gold Recipient of The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) for YA, General Fiction, and early reader chapter books, a Readers’ Favorite International Book Award winner for YA Social Issues, an NTBF winner for YA and General Fiction, and she was awarded a New Apple Literary Award for YA and general fiction. As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, she assists other authors with their work and shares her writing process and publishing experience with them. Her latest release, CAPTAIN FIN, was based on a contract to adapt a screenplay into a novel for the director, actor, and producer Kevin James O’Neill. Her works-in-progress are the sequel to CAPTAIN FIN and the fourth installment of her Mischief Series.



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