BOOK REVIEW: Painting the Psalms by Cherie Burbach (Nonfiction)

Cherie Burbach

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

Publisher: Bonjour Publishing
Date of Publication:
Pages: 104

In Painting the Psalms, artist Cherie Burbach shares original, mixed-media paintings that contain a positive, faith-filled message. Each painting contains inspiration from the Psalms in some way, through the imagery, words, or emotion contained within the verses.

Cherie uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create art that is filled with depth and whimsy. It is her hope that this book will inspire you to look at the Psalms in a new way so you can celebrate your faith and believe in the message.

Some of the paintings were created during Cherie’s popular “Painting the Psalms” series of ecourses, where she demonstrates step-by-step progress from start to finish, including all the small details that make mixed media paintings come alive with texture and color.

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

This vivid and mindful book is a beautiful reflection of the author’s artistic interpretation of the Psalms and a celebration of positivity and faith.

Sharing how each verse has influenced and inspired the author’s art, readers are able to witness the heartfelt fruits of her labor. These mixed-media paintings whimsically convey the Bible’s poetry into moving and poetic artistry. Her ability to combine the words of the Psalms into richly diverse paintings will certainly inspire your own considerations of what these powerful verses mean to you on a personal level.

The author’s thoughts and artwork will speak to your heart, making this an excellent selection for a coffee table book or other conversation piece. In fact, my children certainly enjoyed leafing through it to see all the “pretty pictures.” As they get older however, I can see my family using this as a way to engage in our own thoughtful discussions on what inspires us and how we can represent that appreciation through our own unique abilities. 

A graceful and deeply personal devotional that is captivating in its details.

I started painting early on in life, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I connected my love of art with the appreciation I had for the Psalms. The Psalms tell the story of God’s love in a different way than the other books of the Bible do and speaks directly to the heart. Combining the beauty in the words of the Psalms with art seemed like a long-overdue project for me.
The Psalms have influenced my art in many ways and in this book I share some of my favorite paintings and the emotion behind them. I have included verses that stood out to me and sometimes I’ve painted the image that the words call up for me while other times I’ve highlighted the words in the painting. It is my hope that this collection of art and my reflections bless and inspire you. 


Cherie Burbach is a poet, mixed media artist, and freelance writer. She has penned and contributed to articles for Readers Digest, Family Circle, About.com (NY Times), NBC/Universal, Match.com, Christianity Today, and more.

Cherie also likes to express herself with mixed media art, combining Bible verses and her own poetry with special papers, acrylics, oils, ink, and more. She includes book pages, music sheets, and other random things in her art to create something that celebrates a hopeful, faith-filled message.

Cherie has been especially inspired by the Psalms, and has created a series of ecourses called Painting the Psalms, which includes mixed media painting projects all inspired by the Psalms in some way. Each project is diverse in terms supplies, technique, and composition.

Many thanks to the author and Pump Up Your Blog book tours. It was an absolute pleasure reading, reviewing, and hosting! 

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