SERIES REVIEW: Eye for Eye Trilogy by J.K. Franko (Thriller)


J.K. Franko


Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Talion Publishing
Date of Publication: October 5, 2020
Number of Pages: 1050




“REALISTIC & CHILLING!” – Mystery Thriller Week

Roy and Susie are on a skiing holiday, trying to take a break from the constant reminders of their daughter, tragically killed by a careless driver. Out of the blue they meet Deb and Tom, another couple with a tragic past and a shocking proposal to put things right.
As the bodies accumulate, secrets are revealed and alliances crumble. Ultimate survival depends on following the rules for a perfect murder.
And the first rule is… leave no singing bones.

A college Halloween party. A night of fun, dress-up, and laughter. But for Kristy Wise, it quickly became a night of horror.
Now, Joe Harlan Junior, entrepreneur and son of a prominent senator, is at risk of losing everything as he stands accused of a crime he insists he did not commit.
Yet the facts are undisputed: Kristy was drugged, and she did have sex with Joe. But was it consensual?
Read the story. Listen to the testimony. Is everything that happens next justified? YOU decide.

What would you do if you got away with murder? Would you stop there? Could you?
Susie and Roy thought that they committed the perfect crime. Their planning was meticulous. Their execution flawless.
But, there is always a loose end, isn’t there? 
Always a singing bone. 
Now, while enemies multiply and suspicions abound, their perfect world begins to crumble. The hunters have become the hunted.

Roy Cruise and his pregnant wife Susie barely survived an assassination attempt in their own home. The police now have them under surveillance.
Meanwhile, Kristy Wise is a loose cannon—she knows too much and is trying to “set things right.” 
What goes around comes around. And in this case, Roy and Susie may have pushed things too far. 
There are too many dead bodies. Too many foes plotting against them. Roy and Susie must outwit the police and neutralize their enemies once and for all.
If not, their days of retribution may end behind bars… or six feet under.
Since coming upon this series last year, I have been completely blown away! I can’t recommend it enough! There have been so many cases of series that I’ve read over the years that by the time you reach the third book, the momentum is dragging and you begin to feel that you may have very well wasted so much time investing in the story. You DO NOT have to worry about that with this series! Each book is skillfully crafted with richly drawn and developed characters that feel so alive off the page. But I will warn you though: This is not one of those series that you can just jump into! You must start from the beginning to appreciate the vast level of conceptualization and masterful execution that the author has crafted from start to finish. As obvious as it sounds, everything begins with EYE FOR EYE, so start there and enjoy this magnificent ride! 

Each book immediately picks up exactly where the story left off from the previous book with very little refresher. The stakes continue to become even higher! The Law of Talion, or the principle that a person who has injured another person is to be penalized to a similar degree by the injured party, remains at the forefront of each character’s motivation and drive in dealing with the tragedies inflicted upon them. Getting ahead in this game doesn’t always mean you’ll make it to the finish line. Regardless of how anyone attempts to alter the course of the consequences for their actions, karma has a way of making its presence known because ultimately what goes around will always come back around. The entire series is a fascinating exploration into the role of the highly unlikeable character, and the author makes no apologies about killing off someone when you least expect it. Ultimately, you may not like the character or their decisions, but as their story unfolds, you begin to completely understand where they are coming from and how they could have arrived at the decisions that they did.

The twists and turns are masterfully done and make it difficult to predict where the story is going to go. Fast-paced chapters and mounting tension keep the suspense coming and the pages flying. The author’s writing style is engaging and conversational enough to seamlessly connect themes into a brilliant character study that constantly asks readers to consider exactly what they would do if faced with the same set of horrific circumstances. It’s brilliant and has just the right amount of schadenfreude to not feel bad about yourself after everything is said and done.

This intense thriller is highly underrated and deserves so much more attention! It’s dark, gritty, and dangerous, but smart, perceptive, and very hard to put down! I have a feeling that things are far from over, so whatever the next move is, I can’t wait for more!

Many thanks to the author and Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for providing me with a free copy of the book. This is my honest and thoughtful review.

When I try to piece together how this whole mess began, a part of me thinks it may have started over thirty years ago. At least the seeds were planted that far back, in the early 1980s. What happened then, at that summer camp in Texas, set the stage for everything that was to come.

Odd, how something so remote in time and geography continues to impact me here, today.

Sometimes I try to imagine her, how she felt—that eleven year-old girl—as she ran, stumbling and tripping through the woods that night. I try to put myself in her shoes. When I do, I wonder if she was frightened.

Did she understand the consequences of what she’d gotten herself into? I imagine it felt otherworldly to her, like a dream. But not a good dream. No, one of the bad ones—the ones that make your heart machine-gun as you try to outrun some dark thing that’s chasing you. But the faster you try to run, the slower you go, your legs feeling leaden, clumsy, useless.

Panic sets in. Tears of frustration form. Fear takes hold and won’t let go. You open your mouth to scream but realize, to your horror, that you’re paralyzed. It’s not that you can’t scream; you can’t even breathe. Not a dream—a nightmare.

Then again, all that may simply be my imagination. It could just be me projecting what I might have felt onto Joan. Maybe she wasn’t scared at all.

True, it was dark out. The night smelled of rain, but there was no lightning, only the far-off rumble of thunder hinting at a distant storm. There were no trail lights, no visibility but for the moon peeking out intermittently from behind a patchwork of clouds. But, Joan had been down this trail before. She was running toward the main cabin.

She had been at Camp Willow for almost two full weeks. She had been up and down that trail at least ten times a day, every day. Of course, that was during the day, and always with her buddy, or a camp counselor (the children called them troop leaders). Joan had never been on the trail at night. And never alone.

Maybe I imagine Joan was scared because, as an adult, I believe that she should have been. I would have been terrified.


Excerpt from Eye For Eye by JK Franko. Copyright © 2019 by JK Franko. Reproduced with permission from JK Franko. All rights reserved.


J.K. FRANKO was born and raised in Texas. His Cuban-American parents agreed there were only three acceptable options for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect. After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name) and spent many years climbing the big law firm ladder. After ten years, he decided that law and family life weren’t compatible. He went back to school where he got an MBA and pursued a Ph.D. He left law for corporate America, with long stints in Europe and Asia.

His passion was always to be a writer. After publishing a number of non-fiction works, thousands of hours writing, and seven or eight abandoned fictional works over the course of eighteen years, EYE FOR EYE became his first published novel.

J.K. Franko now lives with his wife and children in Florida.

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  1. I totally agree with you on everything you said. I can honestly say that this Trilogy is by far one of my all time favorite. I too can't wait to see what is next and I hope it's soon!!!!


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