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Dire’s Club by Kimberly Packard | BOOK REVIEW

Dire’s Club


Kimberly Packard

Publisher: Abalos Publishing

Publication Date: March 23, 2021

Pages: 326

Genre: Action & Adventure / Contemporary / Women’s

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Dying isn’t just hard on the ones left behind, the regret of unfinished lives weighs heavily on the terminally ill. That’s where Dire’s Club steps in, a specialty travel agency that takes a small group of dying people on one final adventure-so they can be free of guilt, be more than a diagnosis, and find a way to confront life…and death. 

Life Coach Charlotte Claybrooke built a successful second career guiding people out of grief, but the impending tenth anniversary of her own heart-wrenching tragedy sets her on a journey to find life among the dying. 

Staring death in the face was Jimmy Dire’s business. He met it with a warm hug, a kind word, and a smile. Dire’s Club gave the terminally ill one final, bucket-list adventure before passing on, but dying was expensive. The bills, like Jimmy’s lies, were piling up. It’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to face a different type of death.  

A rock god, a telenovela star, a grandmother living her life-long dream, and a young tech genius round out this group of strangers facing death together. But when tragedy strikes, their bond is shattered. Lies and fraud surface, forcing the dying to come together to save someone’s life.  

 Everybody dies. The lucky ones have fun doing it.  

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I became familiar with the author’s work when I read, raved about, and reviewed her previous book, Vortex, over two years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long ago! So when I saw this book come up on tour, I HAD to read it! The cover alone instantly grabbed my attention, but the premise was something that I had never come across before and absolutely knew I needed to know more!

In much the same way that I was struck by how Vortex took such a specific subject such as meteorology and paired it with an eclectic cast of characters to craft an absolutely underrated story, Dire’s Club examines the harsh realities of terminal illness and grief to showcase the unexpected beauty of love, forgiveness, and friendship. Many of us have been touched by these diseases and the utter havoc they wreck on families, so you might rightfully not think to pick up this book so as not to have to relive or reexperience those tragic memories. However, the story moves throughout with such grace and tenderness that each of these incredibly well developed character pays homage to all real life sufferers. Dire’s Club provides a chance for the “diers” to reclaim their lives from their diagnosis and ultimate death sentence, living out their last wish as they confront dying. As contradictory as this may sound, for all of the story’s heaviness and eventual heartbreak, there is an enveloping sense of hope and health that works to strengthen the group’s bonds with each other toward the eventual yet cathartic ending.

“Most people wear their illnesses; it would come as no surprise to learn that I’m dying. People see me as I am and I get sympathy, I get help, people wanting to do whatever I needed. But you see a gorgeous, healthy woman, you don’t know the sickness she fights when she’s alone.”

Death is the great equalizer, yet not all deaths are equal in the eyes of society. Without giving too much away, the story introduces the invisible struggle of mental illness and the devastation that a sick mind can have on an individual, especially in the face of visibly sick bodies. The author poignantly captures this dichotomy to promote empathy and understanding for all of those that are suffering. It is truly compelling and really well done.

The author has written another gem! This is an exceptional read and should not be missed! Filled with action, adventure, and emotionally packed, this page-turner is an altogether different kind of story that is deeply moving, entirely unforgettable, and hard to put down! An absolute favorite of the year and I can’t wait for more!

5 stars!



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1 thought on “Dire’s Club by Kimberly Packard | BOOK REVIEW”

  1. Fabulous review — I’m so glad you addressed that despite a seemingly grim topic, the author writes something relatable and even uplifting and hopeful. And love that bookstagram. Thanks for the post!


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