Gingerbread Kisses by Minette Lauren | Character Interview and BOOK PROMOTION

Gingerbread Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Book #4


Minette Lauren

Genre: Sexy Romance

Publication Date: April 30, 2021

Number of Pages: 275


Hollywood actress Ginger Lynn Harding is broke, unemployed, and stuck in the glaring spotlight of a sex-tape scandal thanks to her lousy ex-boyfriend. Changing her coveted ginger-colored hair to brown, Ginger heads to small-town Magnolia, Texas, where she plans to hide out and wait tables at the Cupcake Diner and Dive.

As a Magnolia constable and possible candidate for mayor, Roland Karr prides himself on protecting the community. When he nabs a Lauren Bacall look-alike for speeding, Roland is surprised that he lets the sassy beauty off the hook, but he can’t help it. She looks like she could use a break.  

As Ginger settles into life in Magnolia, she can’t stop thinking about the handsome and debonair cop, but can she risk losing her heart when she’s lost everything else?

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Character Interview with Rosie Bush 

from GINGERBREAD KISSES by Minette Lauren 

Interviewer: Mrs. Rosie, can you tell us what’s HOT IN MAGNOLIA?  

Rosie: The Firefighters! Those men are hot enough to scorch my Spanks. I mean, there are hot policeman, too, but I’m upset with Constable Roland Karr right now, so I don’t really want to talk about him. If a man that hot can’t see that Ginger Harding, the new gal in town, is the best thing that’s ever happened to him… well, I don’t know what’s wrong with young people today, but if he has any sense, he’ll go after her before the cow patty hits the fan and it’s too late!  

Tell me more the other ladies in Magnolia. I understand your niece Bonnie is married to one of the Nash brothers. 

The Magnolia ladies are the prettiest in Texas. My niece Bonnie Bush is one of them, but she has a stick wedged between her back cheeks, and she won’t let me have any fun. Why, just last week, I had to crawl out of my bedroom window to avoid the twenty-questions about my date. Who cares if he’s forty years younger than me? He’s forty-one, and that’s more than legal. 

Interesting… I have heard a lot about the Magnolia Blossoms Ladies League. They sound like the backbone of the community. Are you a Blossom? 

Heck no! Why would I want to listen to the clucking of all those hens at every community fundraising meeting? I’d rather give up my moonshine still! Those gals could all use one of my special brownies. Wink-wink. But I admit, those ladies sure know how to throw a party. That first shindig in CUPCAKES AND KISSES, where Melvina Banks met Riley Nash was a hoot! She’s the best baker in Texas, and he owns that swanky restaurant in Houston. He’s also a damn fine chef. The mess she made after asking her BFF, Mona Calhoun, to help her out was a choclo-tastrophy. And in book two, you should have seen Nina Salas and that hunky fire-fighter, Raphe Nash, Riley’s younger brother, steaming up the windows of his fancy rig in the Cowboy Baptist Church parking lot. Those Blossoms should have sold tickets to that hot make-out session. It would have built two new libraries! But the real inferno was in book three when Eli, Melvina’s brother, met that fake reporter Tabitha Graham. She was pretending to be her twin sister, who really is a reporter. But it wasn’t Tabitha’s fault. Her sister roped her into it. Anyhoo, Tabitha and Eli got pretty hot and heavy, putting on a show for the entire town to see at his surprise birthday party! They almost ended up in their birthday suits on the diner counter. Surprise! 

What about GINGERBREAD KISSES? Are there any “Hot” moments we should know about? 

Mona Calhoun, who married someone special and influential after book one, has made me swear that I won’t reveal any spoilers. She threatened to tell the constable about the shotgun incident with Eli’s gal. Oh yeah, I told Minette Lauren to call that book, Double Barrel Kisses!  

Anyway, I can tell you this about GINGERBREAD KISSESI knew there was going to be trouble when that gal, Ginger Harding, showed up with no job, no place to live, driving a red sports car and toting a lizard. The way she and Roland went off like a roman candle on the fourth of July at the Diner spelled big trouble. I would have bet my vibrator on Ginger falling for Roland’s movie-star-looking younger brother, but I have to admit, the constable is hot, too. Why, if I was only forty-years younger…. His never-break-the rules persona mixed with Ginger’s checkered past and desire to push the limits might be the real root of their attraction.  

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I snagged Roland’s handcuffs at the diner, when he was bent out of sorts looking for Ginger. I added it to my sexy toy box collection under my bed, but after my niece, Bonnie, found me locked to the bed frame with no key, she had to call the fire department to cut them off. It was still worth it. Those firemen are hot! Like I told Raphe on my ride in the ambulance in FIVE-ALARM KISSES, “No lumps, no bumps—.” 

And what about Bonnie? She seems to have a thing for Ran Nash in book two. Does she find her happily ever after? 

I thought she was a lesbian—not that there is anything wrong with that. She’s my niece, and I just want her to be happy, but she sure as heck doesn’t take after me. As soon as she sees a hot man, she goes all catatonic and the relationship never goes more than platonic. I tried to set her up once, but apparently, she has a type, and it’s not a musclebound dancer from the Chippendales all Male Review. But it turned out okay. I gave that dancer what he wanted. Dollar bills! I’d been saving up for the Magnolia Blossom’s Casino Nights party, but who cares about roulette when you can hit the jackpot in your living room. Thank goodness Bonnie met Ran Nash, he’s the youngest brother in the Nash clan. Those Nash brothers could give the Chippendales a run for their money! Ran rides a motorcycle, works as a programmer by day, and plays the guitar for the Tomball Cats at night. And I bet he’s good in the sack, but Bonnie won’t tell me any juicy details. Anyway, he is H-O-T! Vroom-vroom!  

Well, that’s all we have time for today, Mrs. Rosie. Thank you for visiting and sharing more about Minette Lauren’s, HOT IN MAGNOLIA Series, especially GINGERBREAD KISSES, book fourFor readers, if you’re going to Magnolia, make sure to pick up a sweet tea at the Cupcake Diner and Dive while you’re checking out all those hot firefighters

Minette Lauren is an award-winning author who loves animals and writes humorous romance in a small Texas town.  


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Mrs. Rosie’s interview. The eighty-year-old firecracker is a real hoot, and I love to write her dialogue. I hope people will enjoy her sassy scenes in Gingerbread Kisses as well as other Hot in Magnolia books. 🙂


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