Review Archive (by author)


Abbott, MildredCruel Candy (The Cozy Corgi series #1)
Abell, BrentDisquieted: A Brief Horror Collection
Ace, CathyThe Wrong Boy
Adler, RebeccaCinco de Murder (A Taste of Texas #3)
Alexander, EllieAnother One Bites the Crust (Bakeshop Murder #7)
A Crime of Passion Fruit (Bakeshop Murder #6)
Altebaumer, LoriA Firm Place to Stand 
Arden, ZoeWitch Cake Murders (Sweetland Witch #1)
Ashton, MargueritteHer Final Watch (A Detective Blanchette Murder #2)
Atkinson, RickThe British Are Coming


Bell, MarleneSpent Identity (Annalisse series #2)
Mia and Nattie: One Great Team!
Bell, MaymeeCake and Punishment (A Southern Cake Baker Mystery #1)
Belsky, R.G.The Last Scoop (Clare Carlson Mystery #3)
Blackburn, LynnIn Too Deep (Dive Team Investigations #2
Blair, GraceEinstein’s Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure
Bolton, GingerSurvival of the Fritters (Deputy Donut Mystery #1)
Bradley, PatriciaJustice Betrayed (Memphis Cold Case #3)
Broday, LindaThe Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride (Outlaw Mail Order Brides #1)
Brook, AllisonDeath Overdue (The Haunted Library Mysteries #1)
Read and Gone (The Haunted Library Mysteries #2)
Brown, DillionDisquieted: A Brief Horror Collection
Buchanan, TracyNo Turning Back
Burbach, CheriePainting the Psalms


Cabot, AmandaA Borrowed Dream (Cimarron Creek Trilogy #2)
A Tender Hope (Cimarron Creek Trilogy #3)
Carr, RobynAny Day Now (Sullivan’s Crossing #2)
The Family Gathering (Sullivan’s Crossing #3)
The Summer That Made Us
Chase, JenniferBody of the Crime (Chip Palmer Forensic Mystery #1
Dead Cold (Emily Stone #6)
Little Girls Sleeping (Detective Katie Scott #1)
Her Last Whisper (Detective Katie Scott #2)
Flowers on Her Grave (Detective Katie Scott #3)
Clark, MaryLanding in My Present 
Clifton, Michael ScottEdison Jones and the Anti-Grav Elevator
Cochrane, SeanDisquieted: A Brief Horror Collection
Coffin, Bruce RobertBeyond the Truth (A Detective Byron Mystery #3)
Constantine, LivThe Last Mrs. Parrish
Cox, AmandaThe Edge of Belonging


Davidson, HilaryDon’t Look Down (Shadows of New York #2)
Deese, NicoleThe Kissing Tree: Four Novellas Rooted in Timeless Love
Delany, VickiBody on Baker Street (A Sherlock Homes Bookshop Mystery #2)
Dykes, AmandaThe Kissing Tree: Four Novellas Rooted in Timeless Love


Eastman, DawnUnnatural Causes (Dr. Katie Leclair #1)
Ellett, Heather HarperAin’t Nobody Nobody


Fenichel, A.S.The Earl Not Taken (The Wallflowers of West Lane #1)
Fish, KimberlyComfort Songs
Franko, J.K.Eye for Eye (Law of Talion #1)
Tooth for Tooth (Law of Talion #2)
Life for Life (Law of Talion #3)


Gates, EvaThe Spook in the Stacks (Lighthouse Library #4)
Gehrman, JodyWatch Me
Gelman, LaurieYou’ve Been Volunteered (Class Mom #2)
Gerber, Daryl WoodA Deadly Eclair (A French Bistro Mystery #1)
Pressing the Issue (Cookbook Nook Mystery #6)
Gilbert, VictoriaA Murder for the Books (Blue Ridge Library Mystery #1)
Shelved Under Murder (Blue Ridge Library Mystery #2)
Past Due for Murder (Blue Ridge Library Mystery #3)
Booked for Death (A Book Lover’s B&B Mystery #1)
Goldberg, Lee MatthewThe Desire Card
Goldin, MeganThe Escape Room
Gordon, AlexiaExecution in E (A Gethesmane Brown Mystery #5)


Hampton, Jeff Aransas Evening
Hanson, K.The Azrael Initiative (Kayla Falk #1)
Hawley, NoahBefore the Fall
Holahan, CateLies She Told
Hughes, Mary EllenA Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery #1)
Hunter, J.T.A Monster of All Time: The True Story of Danny Rolling the Gainesville Ripper
Hutchins, Paula FaganLive Wire (Maggie #1)


in60LearningThe Mexican-American War


Jarvis, Nancy LynnThe Glass House (PIP Inc. Mystery #1)
Jeneby, MD, Thomas T.Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon
Jennings, ReginaThe Kissing Tree: Four Novellas Rooted in Timeless Love 
Johnson, LizA Sparkle of Silver (Georgia Coast Romance #1)
A Glitter of Gold (Georgia Coast Romance #2)


Kales, JennySecrets and Pies (Callie’s Kitchen Mystery #3)
Keefer, SeanThe Solicitor
Keliikoa, MaryDerailed (Kelly Pruett #1)
Kuhns, EleanorA Circle of Dead Girls (A Will Rees Bystery #8)


Lake, AlexCopycat
Killing Kate
Land, JonStrong from the Heart (A Caitlin Strong novel #11)
Lapena, ShariThe Couple Next Door
The Stranger Beside Me
Laskowski, TaraOne Night Gone
Leavenseller, TriciaDaughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King #1)
Lee, Linda HopeMurder Between the Pages (A Nina Foster Mystery #1)
Lenhardt, MelissaThe Secret of You and Me
Lewes, ElizabethLittle Falls
Lewis, Marjorie HerreraWhen the Men Were Gone
Loesch, Mary AnnButterfly Suicide


Mackenzie, ZannaIn the Stars (Amber Reed #1)
Marion, LorettaHouse of Ashes (Haunted Bluffs #1)
Storm of Secrets (Haunted Bluffs #2)
Marr, ElleThe Missing Sister
Maxwell, ElizaThe Caretakers
The Shadow Writer
The Widow’s Watcher
McAvoy, GaryAnd Every Word Is True
McKray, RavenA Twist of Oleander
Mills, DiAnnAirborne
Burden of Proof (FBI Rapid Response #1)
Fatal Strike
Montanari, RichardThe Buried Girl



Oristano, MarkSurgeon’s Story


Packard, KimberlyVortex
Paris, B.A.Behind Closed Doors
The Breakdown
Perkins, S.C.Murder Once Removed (An Ancestry Detective Novel #1)
Pettrey, DaniThe Crushing Depths (Coastal Guardians #2)
Pinborough, SarahBehind Her Eyes
Potts, Jenny MortonHiding
Putman, CaraFlight Risk
















Wade, James


All Things Left Wild

Wallen, Jack, et al.


Disquieted: A Brief Horror Collection


Walton, Vikki

Chicken Culprit (A Backyard Farming Mystery #1)

Weidner, Heather

The Tulip Shirt Murders

White, Kiersten

And I Darken (The Conqueror’s Saga #1)

Williams, Shelton L.

Covey and JayJay Get Educated





Y’Barbo, Kathleen


The Black Midnight (True Colors #7)

Young, Pamela Samuels

Failure to Protect (Dre Thomas and Angela Evans #4)



Zandri, Vincent

The Ashes (Rebecca Underhill Trilogy #2)


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