Virtual Book Club for Kids: A Week of Apples

Greetings fellow Book Dragons!

This past week we began the Virtual Book Club with Dr. Seuss’s Ten Apples Up on Top!  We did not get nearly as many activities completed as I had initially planned since it was a busy week getting ready for Jackson’s first birthday.  Fortunately, I have used the this book and the apple theme previously with Maddox in our Tot School, so it was nice to be able to recycle some of those activities and surprisingly, he still had a good time!

Obviously, we read the book and more than a couple of times, which is always great fun!  Two years ago when Maddox was about 17 months old, I made felt apples to use on our flannel storyboard so he could see the apples on his own head as I read the story.  This year he placed the apples on top of his picture as we read the story and then counted the apples as they were progressively added.  And of course at the end, when the apples go flying everywhere, he thoroughly enjoyed swiping them off the board!  He also still loved seeing himself in the picture on the storyboard, although it’s probably time for an updated picture!  
The next activity was using apple number cards that I hole-punched to create worm holes.  We made “worms” out of pipe cleaners and then he stuck the worms through each hole.  It was so funny listening to him sing his own version of “The Farmer in the Dell” as he poked them through the apple:  “The worm’s sticking out, the worm’s sticking out.  High ho the dairy oh, the worm’s sticking out!”  How precious, as I like to say!  
Ultimately, I had grander plans that included play-doh and painting with apples, but it was not to be this time around.  We still had fun using these activities again and it’s great to see that with only slight tweaking to account for his development, we can keep using them!  
Now we begin a week of friendship with Should I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Willems!  It’s never to late to join us!  Please see my previous post for more information.
Did you do any apple activities?  Please share in the comments.  I always love new ideas!

Happy Reading!

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