T5W: Books I Want to See as TV Shows

Greetings Fellow Book Dragons!

This is a weekly meme within the book community that was created by Lainey of GingerReadsLainey, but is now hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.  If you’re interested in participating, find out more on the Goodreads group!

This week’s topic is Books You Want to See as TV Shows!  With the fall TV season beginning, it seemed only relevant that we talk about the shows we would really love to see!

Each of these books is part of a series, so while I’m only listing the first book, I’m implying that all the published books in the series should be included as well.  Some of these series are unfinished and still have books that will be published at later dates.

Here are my picks in no particular order:

This is a great contemporary young adult that would make a fun show about relationships, family, sisters, and high school.

2.  Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I don’t think I have to say much about this one.  If you’ve read it, you understand.  If not, read it and you’ll know it would make for a fantastic TV show!

3.  A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I haven’t fangirled over a series this much since The Hunger Games, so I’m ambivalent about a show being made about it.  As with Game of Thrones, there are things that I love and things that I hate, but I still enjoy watching it for what it is – the books coming to life!  So while adapting this series could be awesome, it could also really stink since my expectations would be so high and the screen can never completely compare to your own imagination.  But I think it would still be fun to see it on TV.

4.   Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay

This is a cozy mystery series that follows a librarian in Connecticut as she assists law enforcement in solving cases.  While this is probably the most dangerous community since Cabot Cove, Maine, it’s fun to read about Lindsey’s adventures as an amateur sleuth.

5.  The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

This one had great pacing and tension that I would love to see on screen.  Deanna has locked herself up in an apartment to prevent the unleashing of her homicidal tendencies following a past trauma and performs as a web cam girl online to make money.  A mystery ensues involving a client that starts to make her reevaluate her situation.  This would be great for a premium channel like HBO.
So those are the shows that I would like to watch.  Do you have any books you’d want to see made into TV shows?  Let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!

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