Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids: A Week of Owls

Greetings fellow Book Dragons!

This week of the Virtual Book Club for Kids was all about owls with Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.  We had a great time making owls out of different kinds of mediums and playing with feathers!  

Owl Babies is a tender story about three owls that awake one night to find that their mother is gone.  They begin to wonder and worry about where she is, what is she doing, and whether she will return or not.  The beautiful double spread illustrations capture each owl’s own anxious perspective as well as their exuberant joy upon their mother’s return.  The story simply and effectively addresses the fear and anxiety a child experiences when separated from their parents, giving each owl an individual personality to showcase how they handle the situation.  The littlest owl, Bill, only says, “I want my mommy!” and this repetition is especially useful for early readers, who will begin to repeat this wailing right along with Bill!  This is a great book to snuggle up a little closer to with your little one(s) and help them rest easy knowing you will always be back.  

But before we get into all the owl activities, of course, we started the week off with a fun-filled Halloween celebration with Monster donuts and going to our local library for a story time that included the staff giving the kids lots of little treats.  

I really liked this picture that husband captured of us in the fog, which definitely gave it a spooky feel!

It was a very fun and exhausting day needless to say!

We also did a pumpkin face activity from JDaniel4’s Mom using up some more of the candy corn we had left over from our last pumpkin art!  I think more of it ended up in Maddox’s mouth though!

And to wrap up our Halloween festivities, each year I create a keepsake to display.  This year I used the boy’s feet and made some witches!
I’ve been making a different picture since Maddox’s first Halloween and will greatly treasure these when the boys’ feet are way too big and they’ve since lost interest in all of these crafty things.  

So on to the owls!

We all really enjoyed this week.  Playdough was the key and the activities that I found to incorporate it kept him entertained for quite a while longer than I had anticipated.  Plus, he kept asking to do some of these across several days, so that was awesome!

Preschool Powol Packets provided printable playdough mats to use for owls and practice counting.  It’s so funny how much Maddox loves googly eyes right now!  Anything that gives him a chance to put googly eyes on something is a huge hit!

Another day, the boys had a great time playing with feathers as we did a color sorting activity from To Be A Kid Again.

I then used the owl templates from Sunflower Storytime for use on my trusty flannel board for story rhymes and songs.  Jax had a great time taking them all off, but big brother Maddox was quick to put them all back up to repeat this cycle!

Sunflower Storytime also provided the inspiration to have Maddox make some owls using a toilet paper roll.  
I had an event to attend that day, so this was the perfect craft for all of my boys to do together!  I made a wing template and Maddox practiced cutting, which is another obsession around here lately!  It was a cute little craft that the Dad made with them and Maddox was super excited to tell me about it when I got home.  

The following activities were all honorable mentions.  I wish we had had time to get to them, but I’ll hold on to them for future reference.

And as always, here are some of our favorite books about owls for you to consider reading as part of the theme:

Good-Night, Owl by Pat Hutchins

Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli

Little Owl’s Orange Scarf by Tatyana Feeney

So that was our fun week with owls!  

But before I close, I have to give lots of praise to little dude who completed the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten at one of our public libraries.  He got a yellow ribbon and his name on a leaf for their tree in the children’s room.  He was so excited, he wouldn’t even look at me while I took a picture!  

This is the second time he has completed the challenge, and officially on Goodreads, he’s read over 2500 books for the first time!  This count doesn’t include multiple readings of the same book, so it’s actually more like 25,000 books because I know we’ve read every Skippyjon Jones book that many times!  

Up next is a week of gratitude with Bear Says Thanks!

Have a great week!

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