Sailors, Ships, and Seas Book Tag!

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The theme for the March OwlCrate box is Sailors, Ships, and Seas!   They start shipping out tomorrow, and as we wait for our boxes to arrive, the team over at OwlCrate launched a fun book tag inspired by that theme, which I wanted to participate in!  You can watch the original video here.  If you’re interested in subscribing to the box, please visit OwlCrate.  They also have past boxes available for a one time purchase.  So, yo ho ho!  On to the tag!

Pirate Ship:  Your favorite “ship”


Rhysand and Feyre

If you’ve read the book, you know.  If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

Hidden Treasure:  Your favorite under-hyped book


I talk about this series a lot, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it.  This is the first book in a thriller series that follows a CSI named Reilly Steel.  It’s essentially a police procedural, but you do get some of the forensic science involved in tracking down the killers.  The cases are gruesome, but it’s not overly gratuitous, so the gory details are spared.  These are fast-paced with excellent tension, so you will fly through them.  The Kindle and paperback editions do have a lot of typos and editing errors, but if you don’t get distracted by that, then these are really great reads that I can’t believe had been hiding from me all these years!

Sail the Seven Seas:  Your favorite journey in YA


This book received lots of hype prior to its release and it deserves every bit of that hype.  Starr moves between two worlds:  the poor black neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends.  Then the uneasy balance between these two worlds is shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend, Khalil, at the hands of a police officer.  Khalil was unarmed.  Her searing story is essentially ripped from our own headlines, showcasing an ordinary girl in extraordinary circumstances.  Her journey is heart-wrenching, but heartwarming and needs to be heard.

‘X’ Marks the Spot:  Your favorite fictional place you’d like to find


 The Citadel in Westeros 


This one is kind of a confusing response because on one hand I NEVER want to find myself in Westeros; however, I would love to explore the Citadel, which serves as the headquarters to the order of the maesters and houses all information about the known world.  It’s also a lighthouse, which I adore and definitely romanticize about.

Walk the Plank:  Which character would you make walk the plank


The Commandant 

I won’t give anything away, but this character is horrible, and if there was ever a character who should walk the plank, it’s this one.


Treasure Map:  Your favorite book map

 The Kiss of Deception 

I have problems with the book overall and I did not continue with the series, but I loved this map!  It was so detailed and well drawn when compared to a lot of other young adult fantasy stories.  I had such expectations for this, but it just didn’t work out for me, but I can always appreciate a great map!

Kraken:  Your favorite mythological creature

The Green Man

I liked how the monster starts off as scary to Conor, but then, quite unexpectedly, it becomes exactly what he needs in order to come to terms with the situation he is dealing with.  The Green Man forces Conor towards the ugly truths in our world, but not in a vindictive or cruel way, but rather to help him come to the realizations that we need to find peace.  Monsters have nothing on how terrifying the real world can be.  In the same way that life is both beautiful, but difficult, this story is that as well.

Scallywag:  Your favorite mischievous character


I had a bit of difficulty selecting someone for this question because tricksters are not characters that I pay attention to or even like for that matter.  Ultimately, I picked Kitty who is Lara Jean’s younger sister and her actions lead to the letters getting sent out to all the boys.  While Kitty does it as an act of revenge, I gave her some slack because the result is why this story is being told.  She’s also so little that she probably had no clue just what kind of ramifications would occur.  Plus, she can be so spunky that I found myself being charmed by her just like everyone else.
Well, that’s it!  This was a fun tag and definitely made me even more excited for this month’s box!  I tag anyone of you lovely readers that would like to participate as well!  Drop your links in the comments below!

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