Discover 3 Great Books Featuring 1 Dynamic Theme – New Year, New You!

Greetings fellow Book Dragons!

Three on a Theme is a monthly feature where I highlight three great backlisted books (older published works) that share similar subjects or topics.

With the arrival of a new year, the time is prime for setting goals for ourselves or family as well as trying for new changes to get out of what may seem like an old rut.  The new year is always a great time to commit to a lifestyle change and perhaps become a better version of yourself.  I’m definitely not the best about maintaining resolutions, but there’s just something about the new year that says it’s time to try out a new you!

The following books are reflections of the various changes that I have attempted to make in the last year and are by far the best examples at really trying to make lifestyle changes.  I have not mastered any of these by any means, but I am constantly learning from and growing with them.

Here are three great books to help you become a new you!

I originally discovered this from the author’s TED talk.

I was truly intrigued by her ideas of a smaller wardrobe that matches your style.  I loved the idea of mixing and matching a few select pieces to come up with a variety of outfits without having a whole bunch of random things in your closet.  It’s been a little difficult to get to the ultimate goal of a ten item wardrobe considering I’ve been pregnant on and off for the past four years and each time during different seasons and weights, but I am definitely looking to get to this point after this pregnancy.

Before kiddos my husband and I were very much into the paleo diet.  In fact, before getting pregnant with my first son, I was in the best shape of my life!  While I am not committed to that diet any longer, I do enjoy Danielle Walker’s cookbooks and many of the recipes she provides.  These are the most visually appealing set of cookbooks I have ever come across.  Every recipe has a beautiful picture.  This book comes with a shopping list and meal plan that allows you to use the same ingredients across recipes during the week that you cook, so nothing goes to waste.  I highly recommend these books if you are just looking for delicious ways to bring more nutritious foods into your life.

This is the go to book to get started in tackling all that stuff that accumulates around the house.  It’s not just about organizing that stuff, but truly evaluating what is in your home and asking “does this spark joy?”  This book provides great advice as a first step in trying to manage your excess and let go.

So those are some books that I hope will inspire you this new year!  What are some of your resolutions?  Let me know in the comments below!


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