BOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Survival of the Fritters by Ginger Bolton (Cozy Mystery)

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Today I have a REVIEW and GIVEAWAY for the new cozy mystery Survival of the Fritters by Ginger Bolton! This is the first book in the Deputy Donut mystery series.
Emily Westhill runs the best donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby Deputy Donut. But after murder claims a favorite customer, Emily can’t rely on a sidekick to solve the crime—or stay alive. 
If Emily has learned anything from her past as a 911 operator, it’s to stay calm during stressful situations. But that’s a tall order when one of her regulars, Georgia Treetor, goes missing. Georgia never skips morning cappuccinos with her knitting circle. Her pals fear the worst—especially Lois, a close friend who recently moved to town. As evening creeps in, Emily and the ladies search for Georgia at home. And they find her—murdered among a scattering of stale donuts. 
Disturbingly, Georgia’s demise coincides with the five-year anniversary of her son’s murder, a case Emily’s late detective husband failed to solve before his own sudden death. With Lois hiding secrets and an innocent man’s life at stake, Emily’s forced to revisit painful memories on her quest for answers. Though someone’s alibi is full of holes, only a sprinkling of clues have been left behind. And if Emily can’t trace them back to a killer in time, her donut shop will end up permanently closed for business.

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Ginger Bolton writes the Deputy Donut mystery series – cops, crime, coffee, donuts and one curious cat. When Ginger isn’t writing or reading, she’s crocheting, knitting, sewing, walking her two rescue dogs and generally causing trouble. She’s also fond of donuts, coffee, and cafes were folks gather to enjoy those tasty treats and one another’s company.

You can connect with her on:


Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  January 2018


I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

This was such a delightful and solid debut for any fan of cozy culinary mysteries that you will definitely want to look for! And it would also make a great choice for those who haven’t discovered the world of cozies before and are simply looking for a place to start.

Between the community and the cast of characters (I’m looking at those Knitpickers), this story provides the potential for much hijinx to ensue as the series progresses.   The writing is well done and keeps you guessing right along with Emily as she tries to figure out what happened to her friend. I enjoyed that Emily’s character was intriguing enough to keep you drawn to the mystery, but never annoying enough that you felt drug through the story. If you’ve read enough cozy mysteries, you are fully aware that sometimes the lead can come on a bit too strong, especially in terms of her amateur sleuthing abilities. Emily wasn’t like that at all, and in fact, turned to her police associates many times without hesitation as she learned new information that could assist them in their efforts to solve the case.

Many times in these cozy mystery settings, you can be instantly and continuously inundated with the minutia of the niche, but I thoroughly appreciated how the story focused more on the mystery while the bakery remained in the periphery. This may not remain the case as the series continues, but for the opening story, it was really well done. The moments that included scenes from the bakery will leave your mouth watering, so be sure to have snacks available, preferably your favorite pastry or you can make your own using the provided recipes!

I look forward to picking up the second book coming out in August entitled Goodbye Cruller World!


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Many thanks to Great Escapes Book Tours, Kensington Publishing, and especially Ginger Bolton for the opportunity to read and review this book! It was an absolute pleasure!

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